May 20, 2016
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Live with fear all Buddhist monk in Bangladesh


Samakal: acendiya monk. Near the old sixties. Cakapara Buddhist monastery on baisari Union served as the principal or principal. With her mobile phone to call. how are you? not good. Well, why not? I’m worried. Why are you worried? When the car is on the attack, and whether this will be punished at all for fear dosira. Buddhist monks recently baisari Union cakaparaya mansaiu cakake was hacked to death. He worried the incident. The incident occurred about 300 yards from her convent. He was a disciple of the clock or with people. Even before you move into the monastery doors and windows closed.

monk_timesBandarban Buddhist monk stabbed to death the first time. Earlier, the Buddhist monk who was not hurt. Ramu’s Buddhist community and now threaten Naikhongchhari. When it comes to fear an attack on the Buddhist community at any time. The Buddhist monk stabbed Naikhongchhari baisari cakaparaya arrested three suspects in the murder. Two Myanmar nationals of Rohingya. Ansar camp in Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar before killing monks attacked the camp commander shot and weapons found evidence of police involvement in looting Rohingya.

Ramu’s Buddhist village agina connections, damaged statue of Myanmar’s Rohingya were involved in the incident. Each of the Rohingya people involved in the incident to the police, there is evidence to believe that the locals frequent.

Baisari chairman Monirul Haque, seen as a big event in the history of the past has worked behind the Rohingya. Rohingya has worked directly, or has been instigated from behind. Their role can not be said to be behind the killing.

Naikhongchhari upazila middle cakapara kyasaihla abbot of the Vihara, cakapara the abbot of the Vihara, abbot of the Vihara village headman ukyaimedha everyone thinks their life is no longer safe. Buddhist Monks, general secretary of the Central Highlands and the abbot of the Vihara Balaghata tejapriya monk, said the monks under our hill is about 300 monasteries. The monks has fallen. In contact with them all the time. They said their fear. Monks Hill and District Welfare Association president Wu cainda warrant the abbot of the Vihara ujanipara the killers of their relatives, or whether anyone arrested be given appropriate punishment.

After the incident, the son of the deceased, filed the case on Saturday, police Naikhongchhari. On Monday night, two Myanmar nationals of Rohingya Ziauddin, Rahim and Chuck hlamam cakake people arrested. Brought to the court when the court granted them three days. The three were arrested in the case but there is no progress. Deputy Superintendent of Police said.

Mizanur Rahman scare Buddhist monks to stay informed about the matter, he said, could contain panic. Nobody is supposed to be the murder of a panic. The area (baisari cakapara) and more remote jungle. Normally the usual panic or fear. Maintain, to remove the fear of the police-detective constant guard.

–From Bengali Article translated by Sajeeb Barua.

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